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How it works ?

How Trading Works

Once you will have a CDS account opened with ApexAfrica Capital (Apex), you will shortly after receive your unique CDS number and from thereon end you will be ready to place your orders. Orders can be made either in person, by visiting our offices, or by sending an email in the approved format (see further below). Upon receipt of your order, our dealers will undertake to place it on the NSE’s Automated Trading System (ATS) for a prompt execution subject to market liquidity and sufficient funds in your account. Although we strive to execute orders immediately, large block orders may sometimes take several days to fill.

Once the order is filled, Apex will promptly send you a confirmation together with the statement.

Trading Volumes and Other requirements

There are two automated equity trading boards on the NSE: the ‘Main’ board and the ‘Odd lot’ board. The main board allows buying and selling of shares in multiples of 100, whilst trading of shares between unit of 1 and 99 shares requires the use of the odd lot board.

We recommend investors to buy and sell shares in lots of 100 in order to take advantage of the superior liquidity generally prevailing on the normal board.

All orders must also be placed within the applicable price range, which is currently plus or minus 10% of the stock’s previous session's closing price. This rule does not apply under special circumstances, for example, in the event that the company releases 'material' information.

Trading Fees

Total transaction charges currently stand at 2.12%, which includes brokerage commission and all applicable levies. Apex does not charge for the opening of a CDS account nor for the maintenance of portfolios.

Trading Hours

The NSE is open from Monday to Friday (except on public holidays). Equity trading starts at 9.30am and ends at 3.00pm.

Placing an order

When placing an order via email, you must:

  1. Ensure that you have an email indemnity set up with Apex
  2. Quote your CDS number
  3. Quote your ID number
  4. Quote the security and number of shares you wish to buy/sell
  5. Quote the price at which you would like to trade (you may quote the market price or trade at prevailing market rates)
  6. Quote the validity period of your order (minimum: one day; maximum: 5 business days)

Note that all orders are subject to approval by our compliance department and are subject to any liquidity constraints on the market. Apex will strive to notify you as soon as possible if an email order requires clarification.

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