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Active Securities

These are securities, which are most frequently traded at the stock exchange both in terms of volumes traded as well as in terms turnover.

Allotment Letter

A document(s) issued by a company to investors showing the number of shares (securities) allotted to the applicant subscribing for such securities. It also indicates the number and the value of shares.

Annual Report

It is a document issued annually by a company to its shareholders containing the Chairman’s statement, and the financial performance including the assets and liabilities, profit and loss and other relevant information on the company. Publication of an annual report is mandatory for all public companies.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

It is a mandatory meeting by law held annually by all public companies and to which all shareholders are invited to attend to discuss the affairs and performance of their companies.

Authorized Securities Dealer

A bank licensed under the Banking Act or a financial institution approved by the Authority to deal in fixed-income securities listed on the Fixed Income Securities Market Segment at a stock exchange. They are required to act as market makers and dealers in this market segment; facilitate deepening of the fixed income securities market; enhance trading and liquidity in the fixed income securities market; and minimize counter party risk.